The Serendipities Of A Mother's Prayers by Gordon Barnett

The Serendipities Of A Mother's Prayers

by Gordon Barnett

From author Gordon Barnett comes a colorful and touching account of God’s saving grace. The Serendipities Of A Mother’s Prayers tells the life stories of a fascinating journey to redemption for a navy commander.

After two-and-a-half years in college, Barnett enlisted in the navy’s aviation cadet program. He began his torpedo pilot training and served in three navy torpedo squadrons. Throughout his career, he was able to experience cross training as a patrol plane pilot and service in four navy patrol squadrons and VP squadrons. In each endeavor, he was blessed with his mother’s prayers, allowing him to surpass life’s challenges.

However, alcoholism soon took over his life. During his addiction, Barnett lost a son and wife, leaving him to wander aimlessly in life. But through God’s grace, the initial help of AA, and his mother’s prayers, he has been sober for over two decades and has remarried to a wonderful, devoted woman. He is a man transformed by the grace, mercy, and forgiveness of the Lord Jesus Christ.